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Fun for Kids

Travel with family to some luxury resort destinations and you get the feeling that kids are, well, sort of an afterthought. Day care and babysitting services can be uninspired, inconveniently offered and exorbitantly priced. That, we can assure you, is not the case at Windjammer Landing. Here, children are special guests. They are a priority, just like the parents who bring them. We happily offer babysitting and nanny services day and night, we have two swimming pools devoted exclusively to kids, and our Jacquot Fun Club makes certain that children have as much fun here as grownups do. Teens, too, genuinely enjoy the programs we put together just for them. Simply put, when you bring loved ones to Windjammer Landing, we treat them like family, too.

Windjammer Landing

Jacquot Fun Club

Parents like knowing that Jacquot Fun Club offers a supervised program of activities daily for children ages 4-12. And that care is taken to ensure a variety of activities and create a child-centered program that is equally educational and entertaining. The fact that it allows parents to spend a romantic evening at one of our fine restaurants, or a morning getaway on one of our island excursions, is a big hit among grownups, too. But to kids having the time of their lives and loving every minute of it, Jacquot Fun Club is simply THE place to be. And that, we're happy to say, is a win-win situation for everyone. Registration takes place daily from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Theme Nights

  • Pajama Night
  • Kids Mocktail Night
  • Disco Night
  • Pirates Night
  • Movie Night


  • Visit to the Mini Zoo
  • Watersports activities
  • Nature walks
  • Tee shirt design and tie-dying
  • Limbo & reggae dancing
  • Storytelling
  • Patois language lessons
  • Arts & crafts/drawing competition
Windjammer Landing Watersports

Theme Nights

  • Bonfire Nights
  • Karaoke Nights
  • Movie Nights (Trip to local cinema)
  • Escorted shopping trips & tours
Windjammer Landing Watersports

Nanny Services

Guests who bring kids to our resort obviously take great delight in sharing the Windjammer Landing experience with their families. But here in this beautiful and romantic place, the most devoted parents still want and deserve some "us time" just for each other. That's where our exceptionally capable nannies come in. With your child or children in their dependable hands, you can feel confidently free to enjoy a fine meal or escape on an island excursion. Reservations for our nanny services can be made through your Windjammer Landing Ambassador prior to your arrival.