Photo Contest: Month Two

Posted on October 03, 2011

110405 WJ LS ICREAM 0036

Today starts the second month of the resort’s photo contest via the Facebook’s “moments page.” Over the next three months a guest photo will be selected and posted to the page. The person whose photo is highlighted will receive a cool Windjammer t-shirt. But that’s not all, the winner will automatically be entered to win the grand prize; a five-night stay at the resort, a $500 resort credit and a photo shoot with renowned onsite photographer, Peter Rameau. Please visit our Facebook page to learn more about this exciting new promotion.

If you're a fan of our page just post a recent photo from your past trip that you think best personifies your visit. I expect to see a lot of photos from our ice cream eating contest or perhaps from the island’s own ‘carnival’ and/or from the recent guest vs. resort cricket match.

Here are a few photos tips to get you started:

1.Wear sunscreen, it’s critical.
2.Don’t shoot at noon. Sundown and sunrise are the perfect light for a sunny location.
3.Use a flash to highlight shadows, even in bright sun.
4.Landscapes are great to shoot midday.
5.Wildlife is another great subject for midday shoots, just adjust your shutter speed to 1/1000’s or 1/1500s to capture very quick movements.
6.Relax and have fun.



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