Snowflaks or Snuba?

Posted on December 05, 2011

snuba turtle2As snow starts blanketing much of the world,Sunba is in full swing at Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort. What is Snuba you ask? Sunuba is snorkeling with a dive twist, diveorkeling? Ok, I've taken it a bit to far, but really it's one of the easiest ways to enjoy the magical underworld of the sea. Families of all ages can explore coves and reefs, swim with a school of fish, observe a turtle in their natural envirnoment - the opportunities are limitless.

What makes Snuba so popular you ask? There are no certifications or previous experience required, all that is needed are basic swimming skills. Children as young as four years of age can even participate using the Snuba Doo®, a program designed with younger children in mind. Snuba is a licensed product and program, and is available at Windjammer Landing, which adheres to the licensing requirements, operating procedures and environmental standards.

Snuba or Snow, the choice is yours!

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