Summer in Saint Lucia

Posted on July 24, 2012

For many, vacations to the Caribbean are strictly a winter event; however there may be no better time to visit the beach at Windjammer Landing than during the summer months. Those willing to go against the grain and experience the Saint Lucia off-season  will be surprised at the island’s vibrant culture and summer festivities, as well as the comfort and tranquility at Windjammer that combine to create the perfect getaway. When you add in fantastic rates on accommodations, all-inclusive packages, and even airfare, it’s hard to say no to a summer vacation in Saint Lucia.


The summer season is when Saint Lucians really come out to party, so if you like immersing yourself in a vibrant culture and endless festivities, be sure to visit. For example, Carnival is a week-long celebration of everything Saint Lucia, you can find everything from music and art to exciting parades and a vast selection of local cuisine. This event is the best opportunity to get an outside-the-box experience of Saint Lucian culture firsthand and is an experience that simply can’t be found in any other season. You may have missed this year’s Carnival, but its never too early to plan for next year!


Summer is the hottest season in St. Lucia, just like the rest of the Northern hemisphere, with daily highs around 30C (85F) or warmer. This hot weather warms up the ocean to a temperature that you can float in all day, and makes cold drinks in the shade even more refreshing. There is a saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Saint Lucia, wait half an hour”, so although the summer does bring occasional showers, the weather is typically hot and sunny.

Say Goodbye to Crowds 

Despite all of the great things about summer in Saint Lucia, it will always be considered the slow  season for resorts like Windjammer Landing, which can bring an array of benefits to those guests who visit during these months. Because the resort is unlikely to be at capacity, the flexibility exists to customize your vacation  around your own preferences. Want to switch to a villa with a plunge pool, show up at dinner without a reservation, or get the perfect spot on the beach without waking up early? It’s no problem when you have paradise to yourself.

The Bottom Line 

The number one reason that guests visit Windjammer Landing during the summer months is, of course, the price. Although there are many great reasons to visit Saint Lucia this summer fantastic deals on accommodations, all-inclusive packages, and flights provide the icing-on-the-cake for many travelers. Windjammer Landing has sales on every accommodation, including Ocean View Rooms for two, with full all-inclusive for only $399 per night. Prices like this can save thrifty travelers hundreds, even thousands, while taking full advantage of everything Saint Lucia has to offer.

There is no better time for a getaway to Saint Lucia than during the summer season. Those willing to curb the trend and travel during the “down” season in the Caribbean will be delighted to find a vacation filled with culture, adventure, and relaxation that is unparalleled during the winter months. Summer provides the greatest opportunity to get your dream vacation your way, and to do it all at prices that won’t hurt your bank account!

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