Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

Posted on August 10, 2012

The fall season offers many great reasons to travel to Windjammer Landing, low rates on accommodations and all-inclusive, hot weather, and lots of space at the beach and pools all add to the already irresistible allure of Saint Lucia. However, there is one factor that can intimidate travelers from taking advantage of these seasonal opportunities, the unpredictable threat of hurricane season. Although the risk of a hurricane actually occurring during your vacation is very small, taking the following steps can help you ensure that you get the most out of your hurricane-season vacation.

Be Prepared

The best way to mitigate the risk of losing your travel investment or getting caught in dangerous weather is to understand that there is always a small chance of your vacation coinciding with some less-than-desirable weather, and be prepared for this possibility. The simplest thing you can do is purchase travel insurance and check to insure that hurricanes are covered by your plan. Typically, guests have no problem re-scheduling their vacations around bad weather without additional costs, as airlines and resorts such as Windjammer Landing are just as happy to avoid hurricanes as you are.

Do Your Homework

Or have us do it for you, knowing some basic facts about hurricanes will help you limit your risk even further while still getting great prices. Windjammer offers summer and fall specials throughout the year, so you can be sure to find a great price. But if you want to be sure to avoid hurricanes, just check your calendar! About seventy percent of tropical storms occur between August and October, with September 10 being identified as the worst day of the year, so get a head start on your summer getaway and take a pass on bad weather.

Steal a Deal

For those willing to ignore the slight risks associated with hurricane season, there are fantastic deals everywhere you look. In addition to low rates on accommodations and all-inclusive, most resorts will not be anywhere near capacity throughout the season. This provides risk-averse travelers with all of the freedom and amenities that they could possibly want, including open beaches and pools, no waiting for drinks or dining, and flexibility to customize your vacation to your personal preference. Ignore the label “hurricane season”, and you won’t believe vacations like this are even possible!

Safety First

In the unlikely event that you are caught in St. Lucia during a hurricane, whether it’s a brush-by (about once every 3.5 years) or a direct hit (every 20 years), you need to know that every possible measure will be taken to ensure your safety. Windjammer Landing was exposed to a direct hit by Hurricane Tomas in 2010, and no staff or guests were hurt during the storm. In addition, the resort is capable of providing its own electricity and drinking water regardless of weather conditions, facilitating a fast return to “business as usual”.

So, don’t let the chance of a tropical storm or hurricane stop you from enjoying a fantastic Caribbean vacation for a great price this year. The risks of actually encountering any troublesome weather during your stay are incredibly low, and the vast majority of storms can be detected days or weeks in advance. In the unlikely event that a storm does coincide with your vacation, there are always alternatives such as re-scheduling or re-locating your summer getaway with little to no financial risk.           

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